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Square Coin Capsules QUADRUM inner diameter 27 mm - 1/2 Gold Eagle - 6ct Pack

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QUADRUM INTERCEPT: The Snaplocks with Active Protection Against Tarnishing

Regular capsules or snaplocks limit a coin’s exposure to ambient air and moisture. The highly porous, copper-based INTERCEPT TECHNOLOGY™ material does even more: it neutralizes harmful atmospheric gases inside the capsule so that the coin is stored in a non-corrosive micro-climate. The INTERCEPT material protects coins from tarnishing for up to 15 years. It is non-toxic and will not leave any oil build-up or residue on the coin.

The capsules are made of durable, crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic and are securely locking, yet easy-to-open. Capsule size: 2x2" (50 x 50 mm). With inserts for all coins with a 27 mm diameter.

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