2 Mil Gold Comic Mylar 8"x10-1/2" - Mylites 2 - 50ct Pack

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Made of 2 Mil Myler
Resistant to aging, decomposition, moisture, oxygen, and gas penetration.
Not affected by fungus, mold, or mildew.
Immune to insect and rodent attack.
The fold-over flap can be tucked in or taped closed.

The best raw plastic material available for permanent protection and storage! At 2 mil, these are twice as thick as ordinary Mylites! They are resistant to aging, decomposition, moisture, oxygen, and gas penetration; not affected by fungus, mold, or mildew; and immune to insect and rodent attack! Sold in packs of 50. Measures 8 x 10-1/2.

E. Gerber Mylite 2 Mil Premium Mylar bags are made of biaxially extruded polyester film and offer safe, secure, and long term archival protection for your best comic books, documents, magazines, art, prints, records, and other collectible items. The protection they offer is far superior to poly bags.

Mylar is an extruded polyester film that is simultaneously stretched in two directions to give it maximum strength. It resists penetration by oxygen and other gases approximately 300 times more than polypropylene. It is also several hundred times stronger and more stable. It offers protection for 100's of years (essentially forever).

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